Monthly Horoscope

The path of least resistance could be the smartest way to get what you want this month. Mars enters Libra, using its energy to collaborate and engage with others seems to be the best course of action. monthly horoscope Sometimes that means letting someone else get away with it. However, with Mars in Libra, you will know that this is how you can remain in your power.

Love warms up in October thanks to Venus’s monthly horoscope who moves to the mysterious Scorpio. He will immediately oppose shaking his romantic situation either by unexpectedly revealing or discovering secret information. This can be a hot or deliciously tempting disaster, depending on your personal situation.

A full moon in Aries is powerful with an exact square to Pluto and a trine to Jupiter. The power to achieve what you have always wanted is ripe with this morning, but you could also pay a high emotional price for this achievement. Worth it? Only you can decide.

The New Moon in Scorpio is exactly in front of Uranus, echoing more sudden changes that occur in its intimate and financial world. This lunation reaches the same degree as the Venus-Uranus opposition in Scorpio that occurred at the beginning of the month (day 12). monthly horoscope, However, another change is now in the store, but this is one that is likely to start. With Mercury becoming retrograde in Scorpio on October 31, it seems that all these sudden changes with money and how you use your power need more consideration. monthly horoscope, horoscope, monthly horoscope, monthly horoscope, astrology, monthly astrology, monthly astrology, If you do not step back from all the chaos, you will really begin to feel that your mind is deceiving you. Who needs all that paranoia?

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